Spectrum Strategies Offers Life & Career Coaching to Adults with Asperger's and Other Learning Challenges

Spectrum Strategies helps create a level playing field for those with Asperger’s and other learning challenges, providing the support and tools necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling future. As an NYU-certified Life & Career Coach, Debra K. Solomon, founder of Spectrum Strategies, works with both the individual and the family to facilitate the transition from school to college or employment.

Debra helps clients improve time management and organizational skills, and guides them toward achieving personal and professional goals by breaking larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. Debra works with clients based on their individual needs, creating a roadmap to success.

Here at Spectrum Strategies, we believe that through determination and commitment, every client has the ability to successfully accomplish his or her goal. We encourage you to join with us to begin your journey to success.

For over 20 years, I have been on a journey with a family member with Asperger’s and this has dramatically changed both of our lives. From the moment I became aware of his developmental delays and final diagnosis, I relentlessly researched the subject matter, contacted specialists in what was then a new field, and became the go to person for other parents in our community whose children or family members faced similar challenges. After obtaining specialized training as a life and career coach, I worked tirelessly to formulate a strategy and roadmap for success. I would love to share my wisdom, coaching philosophy, and skills to enable others to achieve these winning results.

– Debra Solomon

I am excited to announce that I have joined the Advisory Board of Autism Communities, a groundbreaking project providing a living community for young adults on the autism spectrum. These communities, which are presently located on Long Island, offer not only comfortable living quarters, but the kind of support these young adults need to live full lives. The communities have recreational facilities and will provide a staff of professionals who are there to provide the emotional and practical support that may be required. Coaching with respect to everyday living skills as well as obtaining and maintaining employment opportunities will also be available. As part of the Advisory Board, I am happy to bring my experience coaching adults on the autism spectrum to help make the Autism Communities a vibrant place for them to live and thrive.