Group Coaching

Group Coaching

For Adults With Autism

Our “Strategies for Life” initiative offers adults with Autism and other learning challenges a weekly session where they learn to navigate through the challenges of life after high school. The aim is to gain valuable skills for independent living and create a fulfilling life.

Life-changing coaching for adults with learning challenges.

Successfully navigating through life as a person with Autism and other learning challenges is possible thanks to Debra and her team at Spectrum Strategies!

Plan your personalized roadmap to success.

We work with clients based on their individual needs, creating a personalized roadmap to success for each person.

Improve time management and organizational skills.

Debra’s approach is to help clients improve their time management and organizational skills while guiding them toward attaining personal and professional goals.

Our mission is to see your growth!

Spectrum Strategies' mission is to help create a level playing field for those with Autism and other learning challenges by providing the support and tools necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling future.

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What is

Group Coaching

& How Does It Work?

From time management and social and intellectual interaction with peers to preparing for sustainable employment and managing a household, Strategies for Life sessions provide a relaxed environment for participants to interact with each other and with special guests from the academic and business community.

Benefits of Group Coaching

For Adults with Learning Challenges

In the Summer of 2015, Debra returned to The Summit Camp for the newly titled Transition to Adult Living Skills program (or “TALS”). During her time there, she focused on teaching campers how to empower themselves. They learned how to set goals and create action plans that would help them take steps to reach them. The remainder of the curriculum included personal hygiene, self-advocacy, job application and interview skills, time management, and budgeting. The campers learned these skills through a variety of interactive activities that kept them thinking and entertained.
Based on the positive feedback received on these programs, Debra recognized the immense value that group settings and teamwork can provide to her clients in navigating their personal and professional lives. She now runs the Strategies for Life weekly group sessions in both Manhattan and on Long Island, where she guides her clients to learn from each other as well as from guest experts. Moreover, because of the pandemic, Debra launched the Zoom Group to allow clients from all over the country to take advantage of the group environment in a remote setting.

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Group Coaching

During a Pandemic

The pandemic presented challenges for everyone as to how to continue to work toward future success. Continuing the in-person Group meetings became impossible during the pandemic. Yet, Debra did not want to lose the great benefit and enjoyment her clients experienced from the Group environment. She thus developed the Thursday evening Zoom Group. Her clients could all participate in the meeting remotely on their computers and interact with others directly. Indeed, it allowed for an expansion of the Group concept since those who were geographically distant could participate as easily as those in the vicinity of Debra’s office. Each week a topic would be announced in advance for the Group so that participants could prepare and engage with the others. The topics would include ways to build skills and overcome obstacles as well as discussions of books, movies, theater and individual experiences of interest. As a social element, Debra developed game nights which would challenge the Group members and encourage thoughtful interaction as well as develop skills of attention and deduction. Her Group members are encouraged to interact directly with one another as well. Born of the tragedy of the pandemic, the Zoom Group has proven to be a wonderful and useful experience for Debra’s clients that will continue on.

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