Group Coaching

Strategies For Life

In addition to individual coaching sessions, Debra offers group coaching.

“Strategies for Life”, offers adults with Asperger’s and other learning challenges a weekly session where they learn to navigate through the challenges of life after high school. The aim is to gain valuable skills for independent living and creating a fulfilling life.

From time management and interaction with peers, to preparing for sustainable employment and managing a household, Strategies for Life sessions provide a relaxed environment for participants to interact with each other and with special guests from the academic and business community.

The genesis of the group coaching concept arose from Debra’s creation of a ground-breaking summer camp program for individuals on the autism spectrum.

In the Summer of 2014, Debra successfully created and taught an Independence Course to seventeen campers at The Summit Camp ranging from 15 to 19 years of age. The Independence Course included helping campers to develop self-advocacy skills when confronting bullying or peer pressure; improving their organizational and time management skills; helping them learn how to complete a college application, as well as learning skills to interview for a job. At the conclusion of the Independence Course, Debra’s clients were better equipped to deal with their personal and professional challenges.

In the Summer of 2015, Debra returned to The Summit Camp for the newly titled Transition to Adult Living Skills program (or “TALS”). She again focused on teaching campers to learn how to empower themselves. They learned how to set goals and create action plans that would help them take steps to reach those goals. The remainder of the curriculum included personal hygiene, self-advocacy, job application and interview skills, time management and budgeting. The campers learned these skills through a variety of interactive activities that kept them thinking and entertained. These included two activities that were well received: “the exercise of the day” and “the end-of- the-day question bucket.” The physical activity taught the campers the importance of relieving stress by just letting loose and staying active. The question bucket was a central component of the overall learning goals. Participants would contribute questions anonymously and Debra would answer them before the group – giving each camper the opportunity to get answers to questions they may have long wanted to ask.

Based on the positive feedback received on both programs, Debra recognized the tremendous value that group settings and teamwork can provide to her clients in navigating their personal and professional lives. She now runs the Strategies for Life weekly group sessions in both Manhattan and Long Island where she guides her clients to learn from each other as well as from guest experts.

To inquire about details on any of our coaching sessions, including fees and schedule, contact Debra Solomon at [email protected] or at 516-510-7637. Or complete a brief form so we may contact you.