“We came to Debra at a point when my son, who has good career credentials, had nonetheless been struggling to land a job for a long time. Debra worked closely with him on his interview skills, giving him confidence and providing specific, practical advice. She was generous with her time and always responsive whenever I or my son had questions or needed a little reassurance. With her guidance, he was able to land the type of job in the entertainment field he had been looking for. We’re delighted!”

– Lori C.

“I’ve worked with Debra in 2016, and since then she has made a huge difference in my life. I work as a freelance videographer, photographer and occasionally a film crew member in the industry and in the past, it was easy for me to get overwhelmed by the demands of being organized, interpersonal, and calm under pressure. And it was a terrible feeling to be struggling to work in an industry of an artform I enjoyed doing. Debra was able to help me develop skills such as preparing myself in job interviews, figuring out how to communicate and work well with clients in the workplace–and under extreme pressure, becoming more proactive in networking, and learning how to make lists to become more organized. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. With her help, I’ve been able to book a lot of freelance jobs and, over the years, have developed more and more jobs. She has been more than supportive to help connect me with her friends and clients in need of my videography and photography services (such as photos for her website).”

– Kerey V.

“We have known Debra for the past year and have employed her as a life coach for one of our sons. It has been a pleasure for us to deal with her. We have found her to be a phenomenal coach who is genuinely interested and enthusiastic in helping her clients achieve their potential. She is patient, compassionate, creative and persistent in her efforts to accomplish her stated goals. Debra also arranges group outings and facilitates attendance at relevant educational programs.”

– Perry & Sylvia

“We have been working with Debra for a little over a year, and she has been absolutely amazing! She is professional and knowledgeable and her commitment and energy know no bounds. She is extremely creative in thinking of possibilities and opportunities for my son and has supported and guided him every step of the way. An exceptional person with an exceptional gift.”

– Candace C.

“We recognized from the very beginning coaching was the right way to go to help our daughter. Debra has given her the tools such as self-advocacy, time management, and organizational skills in order to build a foundation in her personal life as well as her academic environment. Our daughter has built a trust with Debra and is more open to exploring the unknown. We are continually working together to build upon each goal.”

– Robin

“We have worked with Debra Solomon for more than a year and have been very pleased with her services. Debra has provided guidance and coaching, implementing her exceptional knowledge of the business world. Debra is a passionate, dedicated professional who gives 150% to her clients.”

– Alisa & Ben G.

“ In a few short sessions with Debra, I had a better idea of what I wanted in a career and a detailed plan to help get me there. I would definitely recommend working with her.”

– Jason T.

“Debra has been a tremendous asset and has helped me organize and streamline my professional goals. Finding the right professional and career path can be overwhelming for anyone. Debra has helped me by creating a step-by-step process. Combined with the professional expertise, her personal experience, and warmth and compassion, she is the perfect job coach for me and for many other adults with A.S.D.”

– Jennifer

“ Our family has been working with Debra for approximately a year, and it has been an extremely positive and successful collaboration. For the first time in our experience, we have found a professional who uniquely combines a deep understanding of the needs and coaching requirements for a young man on the autism/Asperger’s spectrum with the ability, based on her own business experience and relationships, to apply those skills directly to the business community. In particular, Debra took the time to fully understand the particular issues which confronted our son in a business context, and then focused on his resume, interview and reaching out skills. Along the way, she enhanced our son’s confidence, as well as kept his confidences, involving the overall family when appropriate and with the full knowledge and agreement of our son. Our son is now working, and continues to receive the benefits of Debra’s warmth, wisdom and guidance as he moves forward in his career. And finally, in addition, through participation in Debra’s evening social group, he has improved his social skills leading to a better personal life both within and outside the work environment.”

– Lee

“Debra has been working with our son, John, for over a year. It has made a huge impact on our lives. She is highly knowledgeable, always willing to help, and is an advocate for our son. She is able to assist in daily life tasks as well as his vocational pursuits. Her genuine warmth and skills have made the most difficult of situations a learning experience for our family. Debra supports John in ways that allow him to be independent and prepare for adult life. Debra Solomon has been a blessing to our family.”

– Mary P-W.

“My husband and I highly recommend Debra Solomon of Spectrum Strategies. We have gained so much from the coaching she has done with our son, individually and in group sessions, and with my husband and I. Our son has high functioning autism or what was once termed Asperger’s Syndrome. Over a period of several years, Debra has helped him develop a host of improved executive, networking, and interviewing skills as well as improved confidence. With her help, he was recruited and completed several internships leading most recently to his being formally hired as a Junior employee in the IT division of a competitive publishing company in Manhattan. Debra has a wealth of experience as a businesswoman in her own right and in the field of high functioning autism. She is a sophisticated and tireless advocate with tremendous empathy and the ability to connect with her clients and work from where they are. In our case, she was there for our son when he experienced unfair and devastating treatment in a company that had no understanding of neurodiversity. Within a year, his confidence was built back better. Debra Solomon is a rare find and we feel blessed as a family to have met her. As future needs arise, our son and my husband and I will most certainly be consulting with her again.”

– Nina P.

“I’ve been working with Debra since 2014. At the time I started working with her, I was at a low point in my job search, having finished a graduate-level degree two years prior. I had worked with other job coaches who didn’t specialize in or understand the Autism spectrum to minimal success on the job front. Debra understands that people on the spectrum need to take a different approach to the job search, and after working with her for two years on cover letters, elevator pitches, resumes and interview strategy, I landed a job in the exact field I wanted. I’ve continued to work with her since, and it has helped getting settled in a working environment.”

– J. Simpson