Family Coaching

Family Coaching

For Families With Aspergers

Family Coaching here at Spectrum Strategies is geared toward families of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning challenges. Are you interested in becoming better equipped to help your family members as they navigate their roadmap to success? Contact us today to learn more!

Life-changing coaching for adults with learning challenges.

Successfully navigating through life as a person with Asperger’s and other learning challenges is possible thanks to Debra and her team at Spectrum Strategies!

Plan your personalized roadmap to success.

We work with clients based on their individual needs, creating a personalized roadmap to success for each one of them.

Improve time management and organizational skills.

Debra’s approach is to help clients improve their time management and organizational skills while guiding them toward attaining personal and professional goals.

Our mission is to see your growth!

Spectrum Strategies' mission is to help create a level playing field for those with Asperger’s and other learning challenges by providing the support and tools necessary to build a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling future.

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What is

Family Coaching

One of our main goals is helping families of young adults with Asperger’s and other learning challenges become independent adults with stable lives and careers. Debra leads groups in Manhattan and on Long Island, focusing on one topic each session. Therefore, you will be able to decide which topics interest you and take part in our monthly gatherings.

Family Coaching

Strategies & Topics We Cover

Some of the topics that we cover include:

  • What is coaching and how can it help?
  • What community resources and career opportunities are available to help young adults?
  • How can we take advantage of volunteer, internship, and competitive employment opportunities?
  • What is the true value of networking?
  • How can we help our children improve their organizational, time management and other skills so they can execute the steps needed to navigate the employment process?
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Contact Us

To inquire about details on any of our family coaching sessions, contact Debra Solomon at [email protected] or at 516-510-7637. Or complete our contact form and we will promptly get back to you!

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Spectrum Strategies offers Life & Career coaching to adults with Asperger’s and other learning challenges. Contact us and someone from our friendly team will be happy to assist you!