About Debra Solomon

Autism Life & Career Coach

Debra K. Solomon, founder of Spectrum Strategies, is an NYU certified life & career coach working with adults with Asperger’s and other learning challenges. She advocates for these individuals and helps raise awareness of their abilities and challenges by, among other things, educating employers and other professionals. Debra regularly gives presentations about her work to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, employers, and to high schools and colleges.

Debra graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Sales Administration and was accepted to the rigorous Abraham & Strauss Executive Training Program where she learned about sales, marketing and finance, and about the importance of networking and relationships. From there, Debra became a buyer at Bradlees and Zayres, and, later, a commercial real estate broker.

Most significantly and defining for Debra, however, was her experience with a close family member with Asperger’s Syndrome, helping him navigate through his challenges to achieve personal success. She realized then that her passion did not lie in sales or real estate, but in professional coaching. Debra nonetheless uses her business background and personal experiences to help clients develop the executive functioning skills needed in order to succeed in the workplace and in their personal life so they can achieve their potential.

She is the proud mother of three grown children.

Debra has offices in Manhattan and on Long Island.