Everyday should be a celebration of the uniqueness, the beauty behind what makes every individual different. Today, we want to talk about autism and the lessons we can learn from such disorders. While it can often be seen as something negative, a disorder that disables, it is in fact a disable that empowers.

Whether you’re a parent of a child with autism, a teacher, or a neighbor, here are a few of the many lessons we can learn from this disorder.

1. Quirky can be a good thing
2. The world needs more uniqueness
3. Speech is overrated
4. Patience takes practice but is rewarding
5. Carrying our favorite toy around all day sure does make things better
6. The first kiss you receive from an autistic child is the most beautiful thing
7. Touch is important, whether it be squeezing one’s hand or hugging
8. Parents are the world’s best teachers
9. Life isn’t always going to be fair, and that’s okay 
10. There is always a way to push past the barriers
11. Love means taking the time to see the world through someone else’s eyes

Debra Solomon, founder of Spectrum Strategies sees the strengths, the beauty, and the life lessons in each and every individual on the autism spectrum and with Asperger’s Syndrome. Debra is focused on training young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Asperger’s to accomplish life and career goals, no matter how big or small. She believes that through determination and commitment, every client has the ability to live life to the fullest potential. Call (516) 822-3150 for your one on one and let’s get you reaching for the stars!