Temperatures may soon reach single digits here in New York, but we still can’t help but love the winter! Aside from the holiday season itself, perhaps the best thing about winter is the vacation time. When your days are filled with school, work, and assignments, it can be easy to forget how important rest is. 

This holiday break, make the most of your vacation by not:  

1. Sleeping all day.

There’s a big difference between relaxing and being a couch potato. Just like not enough sleep is bad for your health, so is too much. While you can certainly set your alarm a little later than usual, don’t get into the habit of sleeping until noon each day. Not only will this leave you feeling groggy during the day, but it’ll make it all that much more difficult to wake up early when classes and work start up again.

2. Spending your days working.

Winter break is called a break for a reason. After working hard all year long, you deserve some time to relax and do things you enjoy. While it’s okay to check your email here and there or get a jump on reading, don’t spend every day studying or working.

3. Taking a big trip at the end of your break.

Whether it’s the next state over or another country, traveling is something we encourage wholeheartedly. That being said, there are times when a vacation can do more bad than good. If you’re going away, don’t plan your return for the night before you have to start school or work. Especially if you’re traveling from another time zone, this can leave you feeling tired and even sick the next day.

4. Counting down the days until break ends.

Spending your precious free time thinking about how vacation will end soon is not only unproductive, it’s damaging to your mental health. Instead of thinking about what little time you have left, focus on enjoying your time off.

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