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Individuals who are diagnosed with autism often find themselves performing repetitive behaviors and enjoy the consistency that developed routines instill in their lives. Additionally, many people with autism often find a hobby or subject that they truly enjoy and place all of their focus on it. For autistic high school senior Mike Brannigan, these characteristics are shown through his passion for running.
At only 17 years old, Mike is one of the top 10 high school runners in the country. With a mile time of just four minutes and seven seconds, he has proven to be one of the fastest and hardest working runners around. In fact, Mike is able to focus so much on his speed and athleticism that his coach has to encourage him to slow down so that he doesn’t over exert or hurt himself. 
According to NBC News, more than 200 colleges have expressed interest in Mike and his athletic ability. However, the NCAA requires that student athletes take the SATs, which, falling under academics, could be a potential bump in the road for Mike. Although the academic requirements to attend a Division One school are rather extensive, Mike has already vowed to work hard and do his best to focus on both athletics and academics in order to achieve his dreams.
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All of us at Spectrum Strategies are so proud of you, Mike! We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.
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