A few weeks ago, we asked you what piece of advice you wish you had received before heading to college — because as they say, hindsight is 20/20. Well, we’re happy to say that you came out in droves to share your wisdom with future generations. Below are just of few of the amazingly insightful pieces of advice we received from our social media followers.

I wish someone clearly went over my schedule with me. I’ve known far too many students who drop a class here and there, and wind up having to graduate late.” – Jeanine

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Things happen, but most are not worth getting upset over. Focus on the bigger picture and choose happiness.” – Nia

Take intellectual risks; it’s the best time for it!” – Alex

Community college is not the “13th grade.” It’s honestly the perfect time to take a bunch of different classes and figure out what you want to get your degree in. Not to mention smaller class sizes for a better in-class experience. And on top of it all, community school cut my student loans in half!” – Joseph

To be honest, I really wish someone would have told me how to save on textbooks. Of course, there are rentals — but in my senior year, I discovered there are even cheaper means!” – Brendan

Don’t be afraid to go to the freshman and residence hall welcome week activities alone. Yes, they’re sometimes cheesy and it can be awkward walking in by yourself, but they’re a great opportunity to meet new people. I met my best friend at a freshman year movie night event on campus.” – Tara

Don’t wait until you’re really struggling in a class to reach out for help. The minute you don’t understand something, ask the professor for help, contact the writing center, or ask others in your class if they want to study together.” – Julia

Thanks to students’ hard work and college programs designed to help those with developmental disabilities thrive, more students with autism are attending college than ever before!

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