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The ADHD Autism Connection
A Step Toward More Accurate Diagnosis and Effective Treatment
By Diane M. Kennedy

April is Autism Awareness Month, so we are especially excited to share a new book we highly recommend! The ADHD AUTISM CONNECTION by Diane Kennedy is incredibly interesting because it bridges the gap between two disorders that are often connected.

This book compares and contrasts the qualities of ADHD and Autism. Parents with children who have these disorders will be fascinated to learn more about many of the similar characteristics that both disorders posses. Often, there is a high frequency of mis-diagnoses with children who have autism who are initially diagnosed with ADHD.  Many of the core symptoms of autism such as impulsivity, hyperactivity, and anxiety are also symptoms of ADHD.

What is most unique about the book is its author, Diane M. Kennedy.  Diane, is not a physician or diagnostician, but wife and mother of three twice exceptional sons.  Her personalized perspective throughout the book is what we find most most compelling.  The book is an easy read and very easy to relate to whether you have a family member, a student, or someone close to you that is on the autism spectrum.  We highly recommend this book!