Over the months and years, Autism has been pushed into the spotlight more and more. Each month, there’s something new and exciting happening for those on the autism spectrum – things that make us feel hopeful about the future of these bright individuals. July was a big month. Here’s why:

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Free camp held for kids, young adults with autism
Recently, we found out that The Autism Society of North Carolina was offering a free camp to people on the autism spectrum. Nearly 20 Brunswick County residents received support services for the very first time because of the society’s efforts. This four-week camp became open to all those between the ages of 43 and 22. Since the camp has been funded, campers will be able to receive the services, care, and fun they deserve. The services this camp has offered is everything to kids and young adults on the spectrum!

Fundraising appeal launched to build specially-designed accommodation for autistic adults
Autism is being recognized and supported all around the globe. Earlier this month, we learned that a fundraising appeal had been launched to create a state-of-the art home in Minchinhampton, England, designed especially for autistic adults. For those on the autism spectrum, homes with restrictive hallways and tight corners can cause incredible anxiety. But with the design of the new open floor layout,residents will be able to move freely without stressful contact.

Giving adults with autism a shot at a job
Adults with autism commonly face disappointments in the workforce. But this month, the Autism Alliance of Michigan is encouraging employers to hire potential workers with autism, utilizing their exceptional skills while making accommodations for the challenges they face. Some employers don’t realize the incredible job these adults can do, but the Autism Alliance is trying to make the process an easier one by helping individuals find employment.

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