As we swing into November, we’d like to reflect on a few October highlights on Autism:

Autism Story Brings “Heart” to Heartland Film Festival
Director and Producer of “Swim Team” shares what inspired her to create the film and hopes it will encourage kids with autism and their families. Her story is like that of many other parents with children on the autism spectrum. “I had always worked for other people – networks, production companies – making shows that for the most part I didn’t conceive. All the while I knew, one day, I’d have my own story to tell. Then I had a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum.” She continues, “I was looking for a swim program for my child when I found the Jersey Hammerheads. The team was in formation at the time and it took all of two minutes for me to realize it was a story that needed to be told.” Lara was just awarded the New York Women in Film and Television Disability Awareness grant.

Life Lessons: Training Kids With Autism for the Workplace
unemployment rate for young adults with autism is estimated to be about
90 percent. Given the statistics, the Lehigh Valley community aims to
find out exactly how they can get more autistic individuals in the
working world to achieve success. Read more about the article here.

Netflix Picks Up New Original Series About Autism, ‘Atypical’
Netflix has picked up a new original comedy series titled “Atypical”. The story tells about a teenage boy with autism spectrum disorder on a journey to find love and acceptance. “Atypical” is expected to begin production later this year in Los Angeles. We love hearing how the entertainment industry is shedding light on this disorder in order to raise awareness.

Hearing these stories each month is so heartwarming and makes us feel optimistic about the future of autism in adults.

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