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Last weekend, the world’s leading autism researchers and
advocates met at the International Meeting for Autism Research. And according
to CNN, the conference’s
theme was clear: Autism is growing up.
The public often mistakenly identifies autism as a child’s
disorder. But according to Francesca Happé, president of the International
Society for Autism Research, “most people with autism are adults, and most
adults with autism lack services — or even a diagnosis.”
The truth is that adults with autism are underrepresented when
it comes to autism research. It’s a shame because a recent study by Marsha
Mailick, director of the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
found that leaving high school is a time of vulnerability for young adults on
the autism spectrum.
We at Spectrum Strategies recognize that young adults with
autism often don’t receive the attention and coaching that they need and deserve
to achieve their dreams, which is why this article hits close to home.
Individuals on the autism spectrum possess unique abilities that can be
leveraged for successful careers; they often just need a push in the right

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