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A 14 year old autistic male named Avonte Oquendo, was recently found dead a few months after he disappeared from his school in October.

Due to this unfortunate event, Senator Charles E. Schumer announced a proposed law to protect autistic children by financing electronic tracking devices that could be worn by them. The device would of course be optional, however, it is a great way for parents to protect their child from harmful situations.

Image Source: NY Times 

Research claims that half of autistic children tend to wander off by a simple distraction such as a noise or beeping car. The device, which could be placed around the wrist or worn, would be given out to any parent that shows interest.

The device is flexible for parents because there are several different ways to locate your child in the event they go missing.  Depending on individual preference, parents would set up a monitoring map to know when their child stepped outside of specific boundaries. For example, if the child went too far out from the mall, authorities would be contacted immediately.

What do you think about Avonte’s Law? We’re hoping Avonte’s Law will help protect autistic children from harmful situations, however, don’t hesitate to look for help in the interim. Debra Solomon and Spectrum Strategies are willing to help coach and lead you and/or your child down the right path.

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