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Title: Armond Goes to a Party
Author: Nancy Carlson and Armond Isaak

This month, we’ve chosen a children’s book for our book of the month!

This is a book about asperger’s and friendship. Although it is based on Armond as a child and his experience at his close friend Felicia’s birthday party, this is a great story that helps all of us understand how to cope with autism and asperger’s. Parties can be an intimidating place for anyone, especially for those with asperger’s. In general parties are  loud, disorganized and create social anxiety. But with the support of his friend Felicia whose party it was and the safe environment of her home, Armond was able to work through the difficult times and allow himself to have fun.    

Regardless of whether you have asperger’s or not, not everyone is comfortable in social situations. Please be mindful of engaging that person and having more patience for them in a social setting. If you do that, I can promise they will add many interesting things to the conversation!
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