Spectrum Strategies 
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Day Five we started with a fun ice breaker using M&M’s. Then we talked about heart rates by having the campers run in place and then find their heart rates. After snack, the campers filled out a CVS application and they felt it was less complicated then they had anticipated. We discussed how when filling out a job application you need to make yourself sound the best you can , by writing neatly, and only applying for jobs that fit your strengths and make you feel happy. The campers were very engaged in all of the activities. 
Day Six we talked about going on an interview for a job or college and I gave them a group of interview questions and we did speed interviewing for 60 seconds at a time and they all had great eye contact and learned a lot from this exercise. We discussed the value of time management and each camper reviewed a typical weekday in their life. We went to fitness room and showed them how to go through circuit training and even the campers who never exercised before recognized how they had more energy afterward and the value of exercise for your mental and physical health. 
Day Seven we discussed how important a well balanced meal is and reviewed recipes and selected one that covers all the food groups. We then went to the supermarket to buy items and we will cook the meal on Thursday for dinner. We had a tour of an Exotic Pet shop as well as Walmart and the managers discussed all the different job opportunities. It was a great day and it got the campers thinking about what type of jobs they would be interested in. 
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