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Are you interested in contacting Spectrum Strategies to start your roadmap to success? We sure hope so! Hear what our current clients are saying about their experience with Debra in the following testimonials.

“We recognized from the very beginning coaching was the right way to go to help our daughter. Debra has given her the tools such as self-advocacy, time management, and organizational skills, in order to build a foundation in her personal life as well as her academic environment. Our daughter has built a trust with Debra and is more open to exploring the unknown. We are continually working together to build upon each goal!” -Robin

“Debra has been a tremendous asset and has helped me organize and stream line my professional goals. Finding the right professional and career path can be overwhelming for anyone. Debra has helped me by creating a step by step process. Combined with the professional expertise, her personal experience, and warmth and compassion, she is the perfect job coach for me and for many other adults with A.S.D. ” -Jennifer

“In a few short sessions with Debra, I had a better idea of what I wanted in a career and a detailed plan to help get me there. I would definitely recommend working with her.”-Jason 

“Debbie has been an amazing source of knowledge for our son. Her wealth of knowledge, both personal and professional, has been incredibly helpful to us.” -Nancy

“Debra is the perfect combination of professional, warm, and nurturing. We felt so comfortable having our daughter work with her.” -The Loeb Family

“Debra’s strategies and suggestions about how to apply for a job and prepare our son for the interview process was invaluable. We are thankful to have worked with her.” -The Katz Family

We encourage you to call Autism Life and Career Coach, Debra Solomon, today to learn more about Spectrum Strategies at (516) 822-3150.