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Back by popular demand, Debra Solomon will be returning to the Summit Camp for the second year in a row for the newly titled TALS (Transition to Adult Living Skills) program! With the help of camp specialists, the program will take place from July 22nd-July 31st. Because of the positive results of last year’s curriculum, we will be covering some of the same material along with interactive programming to help prepare the campers for their transition to adulthood.

After the success of last year’s program, Debra will make sure to begin in the same fashion – by getting to know the campers and teaching them to empower themselves – teaching them to set goals and put in the best action plan to make it happen. The remainder of the curriculum will cover a variety of bases including but not limited to: personal hygiene, self-advocacy, job application and interview skills, time management and budgeting. The campers will learn these skills through a variety of interactive activities that keep them thinking and entertained.

Two key activities that worked very well were the exercise of the day and the end-of-the-day question bucket. The physical activity taught the campers the importance of relieving stress by just letting loose and staying active. The question bucket will be a central component of the overall learning goals. The promise is that the kids will contribute questions anonymously and Debra would answer them as a group – giving them a chance to get answers to questions they have wanted to ask for a long time.

The TALS 2015 program will culminate in a group presentation where the campers can present their learning in an exciting and creative way – with the goal of presenting to the camp on the final day of the program. We are very excited to return to the Summit Camp and cannot wait to meet everyone this summer!

For more information about the Summit Camp, contact Eugene Bell at (570) 253-4381 or visit www.summitcamp.com.