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Have you been tuning into Parenthood on NBC this season? It’s
so exciting that Parenthood is setting the stage for audiences to be aware of
High Functioning Young Adults with Asperger’s and the gifts they have as well
as the challenges they face day in and day out.
Spectrum Strategies has been rooting for Max the moment he
was introduced on the TV screen. As season 5 continues to develop, we have
become increasingly excited each and every week to see what comes next for Max.
Whether Hank has Asperger’s or not, we’re interested in the relationship
between Hank and Max and appreciate the tolerance and empathy Hank shows him. Hank
is starting to recognize everyone brings something different to friendships. It’s
a lesson in tolerance, patience and commitment – the ingredients to any solid
It’s refreshing to see Parenthood isn’t just showing a child’s
behavior with Autism, but rather what it is like for an adult to access
themselves and realize the signs within themselves. Parenthood is raising
awareness for parents of all ages. Whether it’s labeled or diagnosed as Autism,
it portrays that adults with these quirks/behaviors can have a life, family and

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