Summer is the perfect time to lay by the pool, catch up on some much needed sleep, and barbecue with friends — but it’s also a great time to work on your resume! Yes, even in the relaxing summer months, there’s plenty you can do to advance your career and broaden your skill set. If you’re looking to get ahead of the game this season, here are a few things you can do to boost your resume.
Get a part-time job.

Everyone and anyone can benefit from a part-time job. Even if the job you take isn’t in your desired career, it’s still a great way to gain real world experience, make connections, and get future referrals.

Start an internship.

Nowadays, many colleges will require you to have an internship before you graduate — so it’s pretty clear they’re an invaluable experience. Like a part-time job, an internship will also give you a better understanding of what life is like in the work force. But unlike a part-time job, an internship will likely be more specific to what you’re studying in school — meaning it’s a great opportunity for networking. And typically, if a company is looking to hire full-time, they start by interviewing their interns.

Take a summer class.

During the school year, many students’ schedules are packed with mandated classes, which can leave little room for more fun and creative classes. This summer, take a class on something you’re interested in and want to learn more about — even if it doesn’t relate to your major at all!

Travel the world.

Cultural exchange programs are an incredible and safe way for young people to see the world and get a better understanding of another culture. It also makes for a wonderful college essay topic, or conversation piece during job and college interviews.

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