For many people, fireworks are a fun way to celebrate America’s independence. But to others, they’re deafening blasts of light and sound. If you or someone you love experiences sensory overload, know that it is possible to enjoy the 4th of July — you just need to be prepared!

Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

If loud noises bother you or a loved one, try enjoying a show with noise canceling headphones — they’re inexpensive, comfortable, and come in a variety of colors and styles!

Play a Movie

If you’re hoping to skip the celebrations entirely, draw the curtains and put on a movie a bit louder than you normally would.

Turn the Air Conditioner On

Looking to block the noise even more? Throw the air conditioner or a fan on. This will help drown out the sounds of fireworks near and far.

Watch Fireworks From Far Away

Fireworks can be seen from blocks, sometimes even miles away. If your loved one is bothered by loud noises, watch the show from your car with the windows rolled up.

Bring Comfort Items to a Firework Show

If you’re going to a firework show, take something that will comfort your loved one.


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