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I Just Graduated… Now what? Are you terrified about closing one chapter of your life and entering the real world? The go to book for advice for entering college or college graduates is “I Just Graduated…Now what? By Katherine Schwarzenegger it compasses intuitive guidance from Anderson Cooper who is a broadcast journalist, Ava Longoria an actress and John legend an entertainer in the music industry, and many more . 

The real life experiences of these people teach us that it is okay to not know exactly what path our lives will take, be open to new possibilities, it is okay to make mistakes, and everyone’s path is different.

 I hope the message that is left by this book is that whether you are a high functioning young adult on the autism spectrum or a Nerotypical young adult these challenges are apart of every young adult life when you are going through transition and creating a road map to success for the future. 

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