As everyone knows these are difficult times for just about everyone. We are all feeling the strain from social distancing and isolation. The economy is suffering and opportunities are less. Yet, I am here to tell you that it is now more important than ever to remain positive and to keep up your momentum toward achieving your personal and employment goals.

There is no doubt that this crisis will come to an end and when it does, you want to be in the best position possible to take advantage of those opportunities that will be waiting there for you; opportunities that can lead to potential internships and employment. Use the time you now have to continue to take the important steps toward these goals.

For example, take the time to go through your network of people you know. Not only your contemporaries, but friends and acquaintances from high school, college, clubs, groups you are affiliated with and prior employment. You can also include teachers and professors from college in your network. While many people are also at home and likely have some spare time, it is a good opportunity to catch up and find out what he or she is doing. They will appreciate that you are thinking of them and it is a perfect opportunity to catch them up on what you are doing as well.  You never know, there may be a connection that is mutually beneficial.

Also, use the extra time you have at home wisely and maintain good routines. Get up each morning at a reasonable hour, get dressed and look for helpful activities that will hold you in good stead when the world re-opens and new opportunities arise. Think about and take online courses in the field of your interest. Take the time to improve basic work skills such as typing and computer skills (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Power Point). These skills are useful and important in any field you pursue.

The message is: don’t let this opportunity to move forward and be ready pass you by. There is much you can do. I will be posting each week with more suggestions on how to best use your time and maximize your opportunities. In the meantime, be careful to follow the rules to keep yourself and others healthy, stay positive and keep working at your skills.