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Book of the month: Love Anthony
Author: Lisa Genova 

Image Source: Google Images

For the month of March, we’ve chosen Love Anthony as our book of the month. This is a book about the relationship between two woman and the tragedies in their lives that brought them together. The themes in the story are based around motherhood, Autism, and love. By understanding the world through his perspective, Anthony’s wisdom helps them find the strength to move on in their lives. Through Anthony’s communication, this story creates the similarities in emotions that are universal throughout mankind. 

Anyone who has contact with an autistic child can identify with this novel. The writer is able to get into the mind of Anthony and helps us understand who he is. We highly recommend this book. It gives a great insight into the world of Autism. 

Spectrum Strategies would love to hear what you think about Love Anthony and your perceptions of each character and their relationships with each other.