International Women’s Day is a special occasion. So it only makes sense that a special super-hero(ine) film would be released on that day. And what super-heroine film, portrayed by a well known star, will blaze onto the big screen with glowing fists and skintight warrior apparel?

The answer: Well, probably Wonder Woman for most. But after this weekend Captain Marvel would be a strong second. Starring Brie Larson (known for other starring roles in “Short Term 12” and “Room”), “Captain Marvel” brings yet another hero into the extended lineup of Marvel film superstars. The big differences being that she can literally shine like one, and she is the first female with superpowers from the Marvel Universe to make her debut (unlike Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow who has yet to star in her own film).

Much like the imprisoned mother Larson played in “Room,” this films protagonist, Carol Danvers, is a strong independent female haunted by traumatic memories from her past, who is also the victim of abduction, only she doesn’t know it yet.

Gifted with special powers and trained by the firm but helping hand of Yon-Rogg (played by Jude Law) Danvers is essentially groomed as the perfect Alien Soldier in the midst of a Galactic War. On one side are the noble Kree, and on the other the fearsome Skrull (though it’s revealed to be far more complicated than good vs. evil). Throughout the film, Larson displays the confidence of a woman who knows where she stands and won’t let anything or anyone tell her otherwise. While this slowly changes as the plot continues to develop, her spirit remains unwavering. Danvers’ battle takes her to Earth in 1995 where she crashes, ironically enough, into a Blockbuster store. There she meets a younger, two-eyed, and more humorous Nick Fury (played with gleeful nostalgia by Samuel Jackson). Together they set out to stop an alien invasion while uncovering a buried conspiracy that can turn the tide of the war. This sets the stage for all the Marvel films that have already happened and the upcoming “Avengers: Endgame” which Brie Larson will also feature in.

While this film can essentially be regarded as a precursor for Avengers, it’s still a viable movie in its own right and has the strong lead character to prove it. It also takes the time to give a moving sendoff to the Father of Marvel Comics Stan Lee, who passed away on November 18th of last year. Packed with plenty of action to keep super-hero fans happy, and a strong lead role-model for female audiences to adore, Captain Marvel powers through and is unlikely to burn out anytime soon.

About the Author: Isaac Boorstin is a working actor in New York who has done many productions in film and theater. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and a native New Yorker, he enjoys going to museums, writing movie reviews, gaming and staying involved in local politics.