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In the latest episode of Parenthood, the writer does a great job at connecting the entire
Braverman family despite their struggles. Each person has their own challenges
in their lives whether it is Zeke’s vulnerability about his surgery, Crosby who
needs his dads’ strength or Amber who looks to her brother for guidance. Although
we always look at Max as the underdog, he begins to feel comfortable in school
and is open to taking chances even if it is with his heart. He develops
feelings for a girl, Dylan, in which he exhibits a confidence that the viewers
have never seen before. Kristina, Max’s mother, is nervous about Max being
rejected and hurt in the start of a relationship with Dylan and doesn’t give
her son enough credit. Max’s parents give him advice about how to have
conversations and Max asks them to tell him all of his wonderful qualities. For
once, Max felt empowered and strong among his vulnerable family members.
It is important to recognize that even though Max’s
parents are his best advocates, they sometimes don’t see the forest through the
tress. That is why the show is so relevant. These young adults on the spectrum
try to find their way in the world, which brings the awareness to our
population. Young adults on the spectrum have many great qualities in which
they bring tremendous amounts of talent to the table. It is vital that this
foundation starts at the home with the help of parents and family. Whether it
is in ones’ personal or professional life, young adults on the spectrum should
be granted the opportunity to “sit at our table!” 
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