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The episode starts out with Hank’s interaction with his
daughter Ruby asking to go to a party. He didn’t really know how to answer, so
in the background Sarah helped him on how to respond. Sarah suggests planning a
Game Night to replace Ruby going to the party. Amber comes over too and eventually
the mother-daughter team is winning against Ruby and Hank. Hank forgets Ruby
has a peanut allergy, which triggers her to sneak out to go to the party,
leaving Hank feeling upset that he ruined a fun night. Ruby comes home drunk
and makes Amber promise not to tell Hank. Amber expresses to Ruby that she is
so lucky to have a father that cares about her because Amber didn’t have that
growing up. Hank is trying and Ruby needs to cut him some slack.

Kristina was curious why Dylan was so comfortable with
the Braverman’s and never wanted to go home. Did Dylan want to be there for Max
or just for the family?  Kristina is concerned
that Max will get hurt by Dylan, so she is always suspicious of why someone is
so interested in him. Kristina decides to reach out to Dylan’s parents to
understand why she never wants to go home. Unfortunately, Dylan’s parents are
not around, but the Braverman family is. It doesn’t matter how much he has
grown, Kristina still doesn’t give her own son the benefit of the doubt.
Kristina needs to let go and let Max have the experience of liking a girl. The
fact that Max is content with Dylan just being there is working, so why ruffle
his feathers. Kristina knows at the end that even though Dylan sometimes
ignores Max in his house, he enjoys having her around and when they spend time together
he feels good about himself and the way their relationship is developing. 
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