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Like any good series, all of a sudden the characters
start to develop into true form. First, we have Hank who came to terms with his
discovery of having Aspergers last season. He is constantly working towards
improving his communication skills with everyone, especially Sarah and Ruby. In
this episode, Hank was confused by his ex wife’s discomfort with seeing Sarah
bonding with Ruby. This triggered something in Sandy that led to Hank bailing,
leaving Sarah perplexed. As the writer interconnects each part of the episode,
we have Amber taking care of Max and Nora. They have big plans to go to
Alcatraz and vintage Max has the trip timed to the second. Max’s timed schedule
and Ambers laid back style gives the viewer a sense of calmness within the
house. Everything is set, but then the drama begins with Amber not being able
to find the keys to the car. Amber is resourceful and decides they will take
her car, but Amber cannot get Nora’s car seat into the car.  Max flips out with no emotion. He is just
focused on the plans they were missing, not the situation at hand. As timing
has it, Hank comes into the Braverman house looking for his camera. Instead of
focusing on his situation like Max was, Hank is single minded and was there
wanting one thing, the camera, not noticing the chaos and Amber crying. He sees
Max expressing his frustration and understands where Max is coming from. Hank is
feeling the same way as Max because of the event that happened at his house. Hank
finally goes back home finding Sarah stunned and questioning him about where he
went. Hank bluntly responds that he went to get his camera from Max and also
saw Amber crying, but didn’t pay any attention to her. He acknowledges that he
was wrong as Sarah runs out to come to Amber’s rescue. Sarah goes into the
house and Max is in his own world, Nora is sleeping, and Amber is crying
feeling like a failure. Sarah empowers Amber by telling her that this whole
situation was a learning experience and that Amber is not alone, they have each

The take away from this is episode is that Hank
acknowledges that he was wrong and is willing to work on not walking away from
certain situations. Max coping with the chaos and his disappointment shows that
he has grown. He is now able to channel his emotions into being comfortable in
his own skin instead of having a tantrum. The common thread of the episode was
the situation that occurred in Hank’s house led to Hank realizing what he needs
to work on to Max being able to cope with the chaos. Also, Amber was able to
get Nora to sleep, so to have peace in the house was empowering for her. In the
end, all of the characters got back to center although they had some
derailments along the way.