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This episode starts out with Hanks chaotic life that is filled
with drama from Ruby, Sandy, and Sarah. He is feeling vulnerable and tries so
hard to be aware of Sarah’s feelings. With that, he knows his life is chaotic,
so he always worries that he is less of what Sarah wants because of his Asperger’s,
especially when they see Sarah’s old boyfriend. Sarah acknowledges that of
course he is the person she wants to be with. Hank feels safe with the people
who love him although he faces his own limitations. As well, Zeek has his own
obstacle with his recent heart surgery and his brush with death. He is
vulnerable, but yet feels so safe after spending time with his grandson which
represents the future as well as giving him a safe haven because Drew
represents youth.
Additionally, Dylan’s parents want to remove her from Chambers
Academy after seeing her and Max fighting. Kristina, Peter, and Max visit the
Jones’ home to apologize and explain what occurred. When Dylan’s parents saw
the Braverman’s they initially appeared skeptical about the situation, but once
Max apologized and spoke, the Jones’ whole expression changed to admiration-
you could feel it through the screen. They trusted him and let Dylan stay at
Chambers and were committed to making it work. Dylan calls Max Aspergers and her
parents were appalled thinking she was insulting him, but the Braverman’s were
laughing because it was a pet name for him. This endearment showed the strength
of their relationship and how far Max has come.
We take away from this episode that if you put yourself in
someone else’s shoes you can understand how daunting a task can be. At the end
of the day, everyone was reunited because of challenges. No one does everything
the way you might think it should be done, but if we are open minded and
embrace change the world will be a better place- as represented in this
episode.  Like all of us in life, if we feel
safe and accepted for who we are will thrive and stretch ourselves to be the
best we can be. It is important to embrace young adults in the Aspergers
community and know that they can be a tremendous contribution to a social
circle or company in the work force.

I would highly recommend watching previous episodes if
haven’t been fortunate enough to let the Braverman’s into your home. This show
will enlighten you, make you laugh and cry, but, maybe it will help you be
mindful of coming across someone who isn’t exactly main stream. You can cut
them some slack and even be surprised at the great things they can bring to the
table. Stay tuned. See you all January 8th!