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The main theme focuses around Zeek’s heart problem and
him coming to terms with mortality. But, no surprise there, the family stands together
as one unit to support their dad and his fears about having heart surgery. As
Max’s new school gets underway, forty different children are entering a place where
they know they could be happy in. Kristina wants everything to be perfect so
that every child’s dietary needs are satisfied. She tries so hard because she
wants to make up for all the years that Max and all the other children did not
have a sense of belonging. The food vendor quits, but like everything else in
life, one door closes and another one opens. Adam comes to the rescue and ends
up buying many different ingredients that fit the dietary needs of the kids. He
makes the executive decision to create an elective called Culinary Arts. The
kids at the school come together and make lunch as a team. Within the chaos,
they become a community. In fact, Edgar, one of the students, mother called
Kristina to say that Adam taught her son how to make chicken and for the first
time he had fun.
And then we have Amber who is pregnant. Although, her
mother Sarah does not agree with the decision to keep the baby, she is open and
supportive of Amber’s decision. As things come full circle, the Braverman’s celebrate
Zeek’s 72nd birthday. Amber shares her pregnancy with Zeek and his
whole face lights up with joy on the fact that he will be a great grandfather. Zeek
decides to have the surgery, realizing that he has so much to live for in life
and wants to have the best odds to be around to see the “roller coaster of

The common thread throughout the show is that through the
most challenging times, the family supports each other and figures out a way to
make it work out despite the circumstances. 

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