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The past two episodes of Parenthood revolved around Zeek’s decision to have the surgery and having to face his mortality. He finally recognizes  the surgery is the only option because he has so much to live for. At the beginning of episode four, you see Zeek coming home and the expression he has on his face when he’s looking up at the stairs to his house. When he has to climb up the stairs to his house the expression on his face represents the mountain he needs to climb for his recovery. 

After each Braverman encourages  him to push himself, the only person who truly understands what he is feeling is Kristina due to her own personal struggles with her recovery, and being honest about how difficult this time is for him. She comes right out and says it really sucks and by saying that it gives Zeek the strength to get off his couch and take those first steps on the road to his recovery.

As the Chambers School’s semester gets underway, the audience gets to see the children connecting and enjoying themselves. To shake things up, a young lady named  Dylan is starting Chamber’s Academy and Kristina is giving her a tour she meets Max along the way. She is a feisty and resentful of all the schools she has been thrown out from. But it is refreshing to see how direct she is about her own diagnosis. After realizing Max is a bit off, she comes up with a nickname for him called Asperger’s. It does not even bother Max and they start developing a friendship. Both Kristina and Peter observe the two of them at lunch and like a protective  mother, she wants to make sure her son is comfortable and will not get hurt. Max shares the conversation Dylan and him had with his parents about some of the rules and regulations at Chamber’s Academy. Since Max’s family runs the school he should have some influence on certain changes that can be implemented. Max seeks advice from his dad when he expresses that he likes Dylan. Peter is happy and nervous at the same time, but deep down he feels happy that Max’s feelings reflect a typical teenager. 
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