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Parenthood is back and we are so excited for the season! Check out a recap of the first episode.

Max’s parents helped create and build a new school ( Chambers Academy )  for Special Education in order for Max and other children to have a new beginning. . Max’s mom recruited 38 kids. Max feels so secure at home and would prefer being home schooled and is scared about being bullied and content just having Hank an adult with Asperger’s as his only friend. It shows us all  despite the fact that this new school is the right fit for Max he  is scared remembering all the difficult times he had last year. By raising awareness students and faculty will be mindful of creating a safe haven where all kids despite their differences and challenges feel part of a school community. I was overwhelmed with emotion watching the parents dropping their kids off at at a school where they will fit in.
Hank’s teenage daughter Rubie  moves back and will be living with Hank half the time. He is working very hard at being less rigid and open minded in order to make her feel at home. It is encouraging to know that with Sarah’s help he stretches himself in all areas to fit in and create a home for his daughter.

The message of Parenthood has always been the same families support each other and are always there for you throughout the many trials and tribulations of life.
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