Are you a recent high school graduate preparing for the next step? Whether you will soon be starting a new job or going off to college, Spectrum Strategies is here to help prepare you for what lies ahead!

Debra Solomon, founder and professional coach, focuses on training young adults on the Autism Spectrum and helping them accomplish life and career goals. Debra teaches certain skills such as time management, organizational skills, self-advocacy and managing life and work. Debra will work with you to perfect any skills that you feel insufficient in, and create a road map to assist you in creating realistic goals and achieving them in no time! Debra is a committed coach and uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to help all of her clients accomplish goals and feel empowered after every session.

If you are in need of a coach, please contact Debra at [email protected] to schedule a consultation to learn how spectrum can help prepare you for the future. To learn more about Spectrum Strategies, visit