School’s out, and chances are your child is spending lots of time relaxing and playing outdoors after a long year of algebra and chemistry. What a perfect opportunity to schedule more time with your child and plan for the exciting year ahead! If your (not so) little kid is embarking off to college in the upcoming years, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Prepare early
Early bird catches the worm! Help your child to prepare for their college years ahead of time – that way, they won’t have to play the catch-up game later on. Sit down together and discuss what kind of path they see themselves going down, what academic topics interest them the most, and whether they want to stay close to home or see themselves relocating to a new area.

Talk about independence
College years mean being more independent, whether it be cooking dinner, creating a schoolwork schedule, or having a part-time job. Motivate them to take an overnight trip this summer, with either a community group or a close family or friend. See how he or she responds to being away from home for a certain period of time as well as the responsibilities that comes with not having mom or dad nearby.

Encourage volunteering
Ask what interests them and how they feel they can confidently give back to the community. Not only do colleges love to see that students take advantage of volunteer opportunities in their free time, but this is also the perfect time for your child to develop stronger communication skills and build relationships with others in a new environment.

Search out a life and career coach
Everyone could use a little extra planning and confidence boosting – especially before heading out into the “real world”. This especially pertains to children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum, as they have the unique skills to be leveraged for successful college years and life-lasting careers. A life and career coach can help steer your child in the right direction, giving them the resources they need and the proper skills to better their independence.

Here at Spectrum Strategies, we believe that determination and commitment will help your child to see the success and ability that lies within themselves. For over twenty years, Debra Solomon has the tools, experience, and patience to lead your child to success. For more information about Debra Solomon’s coaching practice, visit her on the web.