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Yesterday, Royal Caribbean became the first ever cruise lineto be certified and recognized as “autism-friendly!” Royal Caribbean recognized
that every aspect of cruising, including loud noises, crowded pools and long
buffet lines may be frightening to a child who is on the autism spectrum.
Autism of the Seas, the organization who granted this award
to Royal Caribbean, is going to work closely with guests with autistic children
to ensure their cruise is enjoyable and comfortable for all. One of the services
they take pride in providing to children on the spectrum is a personalized
story book folder called “social story” that will break down what is to be
expected on the cruise. This tool was designed to help children understand and
adapt to unfamiliar or chaotic stations they may be faced with while cruising. 

service that Autism of the Seas is proud to provide guests with is
autism-friendly movies while on board. This service will be offered on cruises
that have 5 or more passengers with autism on board. During these movie times,
lights will not be completely turned off, the sound will not be as loud and talking
or walking around throughout the film will be acceptable.

To find out more about autism-friendly cruising, please
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