Spectrum Strategies 
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It is not uncommon that parents recognize the value in
working with a Life and Career Coach. Often times, the only obstacle (it is a
big one) is that the child is not on board for a variety of different reasons. If
that situation may arise, our client is (the parents) and we will work with
them and teach them the skills needed to help facilitate an action plan for their
child to achieve their goals.
These coaching sessions bring tremendous value because
parents are given the tools needed to ask the appropriate questions in order to
identify specific steps needed to create their road map to success. Another
benefit coaching may bring is to improve the dynamic between the parent and child. This
process becomes more of a team approach.
If you’re a parent with a child on the spectrum and are
interested in coaching services, please don’t hesitate to contact SpectrumStrategies by calling (516) 822-3150 or email us at [email protected]