For over 20 years, Debra at Spectrum Strategies has helped those on the Autism Spectrum completely transform their lives for the better. From the very first step to the last, Debra never gives up – she understands from firsthand experience that helping children and adults with autism and other learning differences is key to winning results.

If you’re new to this process, we’re here to answer your every question. Here are a few questions we receive and how we can help:

Question: Why do I need a life and career coach?
Answer: There are many benefits to hiring a life and career coach. This opportunity can:

  • Guide you to create realistic goals
  • Lead you down the right path to achieve your goals
  • Provide your child with valuable skills to use in all areas of life
  • Be tailored to each individual

Question: What should I look for in a coach?
Answer: Finding the right coach is essential to your child’s success. You coach should:

  • Be empathetic to your and your individual needs
  • Completely commit their time and efforts to you
  • Work with a wide variety of young adults on the Autism Spectrum and Learning Disabilities
  • Help you to empower yourself
  • Work with both parent and child
  • Leave no doubt in your mind

Question: Why choose Spectrum Strategies?
Answer: Debra’s response to this frequently asked question says it all:
“I am a determined and committed person, fully invested in my client’s goals and accomplishments. I will use my extensive knowledge of my field and expertise in successfully working with young adults on the Autism Spectrum and those with Learning Differences and Disabilities such as ADHD. I want to ensure you are left feeling empowered about yourself!” -Debra

Question: What sets Spectrum Strategies apart from the rest?
Answer: Spectrum strategies will accompany you to career fairs, job interviews, networking events and more! We set up mock interviews and prepare you for an actual employer interview. We understand that confidence is key to helping you achieve your goals and will work with you to prepare resume, cover letters, and references. Basically, we cover every inch of the process and are with you every step of the way!

Debra Solomon, autism life and career coach helps young adults with autism and other learning disabilities identify their strengths and weaknesses to help find a job that best fits them! For more information about Debra Solomon’s coaching practice, visit her on the web.