Thursday evenings: 5:45pm – 7:00pm

One of the highlights of my practice has always been a group that I run called Strategies for Life. It is a chance for my clients to get together, connect with each other, share ideas, challenges, activities, favorite movies, books, music and other interesting topics in a relaxed and confidential environment.

In these very challenging times, we unfortunately cannot gather together personally as a group to share with each other. But challenging times require innovative solutions. So, I was able to develop the Strategies for Life Zoom Group.  Each Thursday evening, we all separately gather together in front of our screens to connect with each other about the challenges and joys of life. We have a wonderful group of people that enjoys the time to connect with each other on video. It has worked remarkably well as each member can reach out from his or her home and have very valuable social contact.

There is no long-term commitment so our members can feel comfortable attending when it works for them. We always look for and welcome new members who would like to give it a try and take the opportunity to meet and connect with others on a variety of topics of interest to all. It has been wonderful and I welcome hearing from anyone who is interested in joining our community.

Contact me:
Debra Solomon
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