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Day 8 – Although the topic of budgeting was dry, we started out by brainstorming on what campers like to buy and everyone was engaged in conversation. They understood why it is important to budget and realized the consequences if you run out of money. This enabled them to plan out strategies needed in order to save money such as chores at home, saving their gift cards, and suggesting different opportunities in order to get a part time job. We talked about looking for sales of all items in newspapers, store circulars, and the Internet before you go out to make your purchase.

Dr. Steve, the Camp Doctor, spoke about Sex Education and sparked the conversation by having the campers anonymously put questions in the doctor’s hat. They were great questions and they handled themselves very maturely.

Day Nine – We started with our icebreaker game and then discussed the importance of hygiene. Each camper washed their face and discussed the different cleansers you can use. We also talked about acne and what the campers can do to try to control it. We then talked about Self Advocacy and the importance of it. We broke up into groups and did role playing with different scenarios. It was a great exercise. Once the campers applied the information they learned through their skits, they were able to understand how critical it is to stand up for yourself through communication skills.They all shared different stories of times they were bullied, and once they understood what self advocacy is, they felt empowered. They will now feel comfortable using their voices if/when these situations happen to arise.

Day 10 – Cooking and Eating – what a blast! Everything that we have discussed on these topics in the class came together such as the importance of making a schedule, time management, working as a team, and delegating tasks. We discussed all the safety rules of the kitchen and how important it is to follow directions. All of the campers did a fabulous job with the assistance of the counselor’s. It was so great seeing them all work together. We made baked ziti, salad and garlic bread. We all sat down to dinner and the food was delicious. They all had great table manners and enjoyed casual conversation and worked as a team to clean up. It was a great day and night!

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