Learn More About The Origin and Importance of Autism Awareness Month

For years, the month of April has been dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the acceptance of autism. In the US, National Autism Awareness Month was declared in 1970 by the Autism Society; their goal was to educate the public on this complex condition and ensure society understood the importance of acceptance and inclusion in the community.

Understanding Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition that generally appears during the first three years of childhood. The origin of autism is still unknown, although recent studies show that genetics and environment are likely linked to ASD.  

ASD is considered a wide spectrum disorder as each individual presents different patterns of behavior, skills, and levels of disability; no two cases are the same. However, a few common characteristics of autism include: 

  • Difficulties recognizing and showing empathy.
  • A disconnect in social skills or a lack of interest in social relations.
  • An aversion to sudden changes in their surrounding environment.
  • Speech barriers.

The Importance of Acceptance and Inclusion

Autism Awareness Month is the perfect time to advocate and show support for the autism community; from educating children about their autistic peers to driving reforms in the workplace, there is plenty we can all do to ensure a thriving future for individuals with autism.

Educate Your Close Ones 

We can all learn from one another; by educating your close ones on the importance of acceptance and inclusion among the ASD communities, you will be contributing to a better future for them. While doing so, focus on the strengths of people living with autism, not just their challenges. 


Embracing differences allows us to honor, support, and welcome individuals with autism into our schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods with open arms. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Employment For All

The ASD community is vastly unemployed and underemployed. Advocating for job opportunities for all is crucial to promote and ensure a future where everyone has a spot in the workplace. By recognizing the value of individuals on the spectrum, we will be able to build and adapt jobs to prevent further isolation and exclusion. 

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