They say that looking for a job is a full time job in itself. Sometimes the process feels never ending, especially if you’re unsure about what your dream career looks like. For others, time management can get in the way. If you have time on your hands but aren’t sure how to best utilize it, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Create a routine
For some, this might mean getting up at the same hour every day, getting dressed, and getting to work. For others, this might mean heading out to daily events or to the local library. Give yourself a timeframe, whether it be 9-5 or another schedule.

Narrow down your search
Know your skill set, then search for jobs that best fit your personality. By applying to jobs you’re not passionate about or don’t think you’ll be an honest fit for, then don’t waste your time. What you want is a career that leaves you happy, not feeling down or incompetent. What might be a good fit for one person isn’t necessarily best for another.

Clock your time
Say you plan to research for a full hour, clock yourself to make sure you’re meeting that time commitment. This means dedicating that hour to work without other distractions.

Get off the computer
Applying online is the first step to landing your dream job, but getting out there and socializing with like minded professionals is even more beneficial. So get out and socialize! Join LinkedIn groups, follow meetup organizations, talk to other experienced professionals you know for advice.

Learning to manage your time and daily responsibilities takes a considerable amount of time and effort. And some need a little more assistance than others. Debra Solomon  is an NYU certified life and career coach who helps her clients discover what jobs would be the best match for their interests and abilities. She works with those on the Autism spectrum and individuals with other  unspecified Learning Disorders including ADHD. For more information about Debra’s coaching practice, visit her on the web.