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If you’re a young adult on the Autism Spectrum and you’re looking for a bit of guidance and encouragement to begin your road to success with a career, Spectrum Strategies is here to help.
Both children and young adults on the spectrum have various specialty skills that be incorporated into successful careers with the right tools.
Curious about which profession may be the best fit? Below are the Top 10 professions for individuals on the autism spectrum.
  1. Computer Science
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Law (Research, Administrative Assistant)
  5. Mathematics
  6. Scientific Research (Meteorologist)
  7. Music Industry
  8. Writing (Working for a publication)
  9. Editor
  10. Academics
For more information on how Spectrum Strategies can help you achieve your life and career goals, please visit us online at www.spectrumroadmap.com