Spectrum Strategies 
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Twenty years ago, Asperger’s disease and possible strategies to cope with students who have this syndrome were unrecognized. However, nowadays children who are diagnosed with Asperger’s are worked with closely to understand and recognize behaviors that may indicate how the child is struggling. Did you know 1 in 88 children have an autism spectrum disorder?

Asperger’s Syndrome, simply put, is a social impairment that is noticed with repetition and restrictive communication patterns in behavior. It is very common to have children undiagnosed until there are signs that show the child is having a hard time working on school work or dealing with issues in their personal life.

Because it takes time to diagnose a child, it is crucial for teachers to know signs of Asperger’s and how to react to children with the syndrome. Students with Asperger’s is an online class that was recently launched by Harper College. This online class is to help teachers, counselors, and parents identify and empathize with students who may be dealing with this syndrome in their daily life.

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