There are many people out there struggling to find employment, myself included. For us, it’s easy to think that performing a service without pay can be a waste of our potential. But in fact, it is what builds up our experience and gives us fulfillment during difficult times. Even if we feel like we’re qualified for entry-level positions there is still a constant struggle for those of us on the Autism Spectrum to find long-term employment. This often leads to frustration, and then depression, which finally leads to inaction.

Often the best way to avoid this is to stay active by doing things for your community that you are passionate about. Even if it’s not a real job it will still give you a sense of accomplishment, and the more you do it the more experience you will gain. Not only that, but it will also build your social skills by giving you the opportunity to work with others who share your interests and goals. As I stated in a previous blog, it is especially important to remain active during this pandemic. I volunteered for two years at the 9/11 Memorial, which helped lead to temp work, and now I’m looking to do campaign work in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Every little bit leads to something bigger, and sometimes it’s a slow and frustrating process. But the worst thing you can do right now is nothing, because inaction makes you feel even more helpless. I’m still telling myself that everyday, as I struggle to find employment during this difficult period. Remind yourself about what you want, and think about what you can do.