My name is Kerey Viswanathan. I’m a filmmaker and I work as a freelance editor.

Before the pandemic, I lived in NYC and I had a busy and demanding schedule: my clients needed video content, and deadlines always had to be met.

At the same time, I had personal projects too. I always struggled to find time to work on writing that short or editing videos of things I saw on my daily walk. My work-hustle-grind was built into my mental fabric, but I started to wonder if this work was even worth my time. Occasionally I wondered if I should move back home, start over, and put in more freetime for myself and my personal projects.

And then the pandemic occurred.

The clientele disappeared, all of my future gigs were cancelled. I went back to my mom’s home in CT, and settled in. My office and bedroom are currently in the basement of my childhood home—which I guess you could say is now my man cave.

While work disappeared, I was able to pursue my passion projects, I’m writing and directing a webseries starring myself, I’m making filmmaking tutorial videos. I started taking online classes on drawing and painting. I posted some drawings that have been well received. I personally find it thrilling that we all have a lot more freetime to learn new things, sharpen our skills and take up new hobbies that we’ve always wanted to do.

Since both of my parents are senior citizen age, there’s not much I can do in terms of going outside and lending a helping hand. The best I can do is spread positivity, online. Sometimes I donate money to charities, sometimes I’ll recommend a feel good movie or show for a friend. While I’m not a social butterfly, I‘ve found myself on ZOOM almost every other day talking with friends and family. Which ironically is more socializing than I used to do.

Occasionally, I apply for jobs, but I’m getting better at balancing work, classes, socializing and personal time.

While things could be better, I think it’s okay to take it one day at a time.