The sad truth is that 90 percent of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed. The reason? Some might see it as ignorance while others might see it as pure judgement. As a professional coach for young adults on the autism spectrum, Debra Solomon at Spectrum Strategies has far more insight into why employers are making a huge mistake by not hiring adults with autism.

There are many reasons why autistic individuals deserve the chance, but here are the major three reasons that come to mind.

Focus comes easy
Those on the autism spectrum have intense focus, so when it comes to the task at hand there’s no doubt that they will get the job done.

They are committed
These individuals work while no one’s watching. Their dedication and passion to what they love leads to more productivity than the average employee. Once they find the perfect fit, they are limitless in their abilities and overcome challenges with perseverance.

Creativity comes naturally
Autistic minds are wired differently – in a way that many of us can’t understand. But what we do know is that they have extremely vivid imaginations. Such individuals comes up with creative and unique solutions for a problem at hand. Some being brilliant concepts you’ve probably never thought of before.

Are you or someone you know looking for employment and fall on the autism spectrum? Debra Solomon, autism life and career coach helps young adults with autism and other learning disabilities identify their strengths and weaknesses to help find a job that best fits them! For more information about Debra Solomon’s coaching practice, visit her on the web.