Spectrum Strategies 
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Are you a young adult on the spectrum or perhaps a parent of a young adult on the spectrum? If so, have you ever considered coaching services?

Spectrum Strategies focuses on training young adults on the Autism Spectrum to help them accomplish both life and career goals. Many of those individuals on the spectrum have unique skills that can be key components to success as long as they are executed and steered in the right direction given the proper skills.

You may be wondering, why do I need a coach? Below are just a few reasons:

  • Coaches can help you to create realistic goals that will help lead you to life long success.
  • Coaches will help you to lay out all of goals and break them down into smaller, more practical steps. This way goals are achieved effectively. 
  • Not only will your coach provide you with success tools, but also with valuable life skills to use in all areas of your day to day life.
  • Your coach will help you create a plan that is tailored to your individual needs – whether it be applying to college, the vocational world or the work force – we’re here to help! 
For more information on Spectrum Strategies and the coaching process, please visit us online today at www.spectrumroadmap.com or give us a call at 516-822-3150.