Despite many positive changes, underemployment remains high among adults on the autism spectrum. According to the National Autism Indicators report, only 14% of adults with autism had paid jobs within their community. A major reason why employers are so skeptical to hire those on the autism spectrum is because they’re unaware of the many benefits of neurodiversity.

A Highly Skilled Employee Group

Though these are not universal character traits, it’s true that many people on the autism spectrum:

  • Have high levels of concentration and focus.
  • Are very honest and dependable.
  • Pay close attention to detail.
  • Have an excellent memory.

Why People on the Autism Spectrum Make Exceptional Employees

  • With 1 in 68 people alive today diagnosed with autism, this is a highly underappreciated candidate pool. Each year, millions of people with autism enter the job market, with the hopes of furthering their professional lives and improving the economy.
  • Studies show that companies who hire people with varying abilities and strengths are more likely to be successful.
  • People with autism have been known to improve the company culture and contribute new and unique ideas.
  • Because people with autism tend to prefer more repetitive work, they may enjoy doing the work other employees avoid.

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