Whether you’re in a rut you just can’t seem to get out of or you’re genuinely happy with your life, there are always ways you can improve yourself, your happiness, and your wellbeing.  

1. Take a break from technology.

Nowadays, you really can’t communicate, work, or go to school without the help of technology, so we’re not exactly suggesting you rid yourself of everything with an on-off switch. But the occasional break from screens will do you a world of good.

2. Have a better attitude.

Though often easier said than done, having a more positive attitude will affect every aspect of your life, for the better. As Epictetus said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

3. Be proactive, not reactive.

What’s better than solving a problem soon after it comes up? Preventing the problem from ever happening in the first place.

4. Never assume.

“I probably won’t get that job, so I might as well not even apply.” Does this type of thinking sound familiar? Instead of assuming, something will or will not happen, go out and learn for yourself. You’ll be surprised by how many of your assumptions are wrong!

5. Hold yourself accountable.

Will you make a mistake at some point in your life? Of course! Just like everyone in the world, there will be times when you make a mistake. When you do, admit what you did was wrong, take the steps necessary to ensure that mistake never happens again, then move on.

6. Never try to achieve perfection.

There’s making achievable goals and then there’s striving for perfection — the former will help you grow as a person but the latter will always lead to disappointment. The goal should always be to improve yourself, not become perfect.

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