Have you heard the news? Spectrum Strategies has a brand new website!

Why the New Site?

If there’s one thing Debra teaches her students, it’s that you always have to put your best foot forward. As a businesswoman, she understands that her website is not only a resource for others but a reflection of her business. After several years with the same website, she knew it was time for a fresh, new change of pace — and Voilà!

New Features

An Easy-to-Navigate Layout

This new site is easier to understand and navigate than the previous one. At the top, you’ll find clear links that will direct you to anywhere on the site. Whether you’re looking for more information on Debra, resources to help you or a loved one, or testimonials from past clients, you can find it all clearly marked at the top of the page.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

The world today is far more visual than it was even five years ago. Debra knew that the best way to showcase what she does and the clients she works with was through plenty of imagery. On the site, you can find everything from pictures of one-on-one sessions to group coaching sessions held in Manhattan and on Long Island.

New Parent Group Sessions

Until recently, Debra’s coaching, both individual and group, has focused on helping young people on the autism spectrum or with other learning challenges learn the skills needed to reach their professional, personal, or educational dreams. Recently, Debra added a “Parent Group.”

Parent Group sessions are dedicated to helping the parents of children on the autism spectrum and with learning challenges become better equipped to help their children succeed in all aspects of life. With monthly meetings in Manhattan and Long Island, Debra makes it possible to focus on the topics most relevant to you.

Why Choose Spectrum Strategies

We hope our new site helps you see what Spectrum Strategies offers our clients and their parents. Ultimately, it is our founder, Debra Solomon, who makes Spectrum Strategies such a perfect fit for you or your loved one’s needs. Let her help you navigate your roadmap to success.

“For over 20 years, I have been on a journey with a family member with Asperger’s and this has dramatically changed both of our lives…After obtaining specialized training as a life and career coach, I worked tirelessly to formulate a strategy and roadmap for success. I would love to share my wisdom, coaching philosophy, and skills to enable others to achieve these winning results.”


For more information and fees, call Debra at (516) 510-7637.